Make healthy snacking
a breeze

About Us

Hi there, 

This is Noheami and Perrin. We Started coconut-eez as 15-year-old girls in the summer of 2020. We wanted to learn how to run a successful business, bless the community with healthy snacks, and inspire other entrepreneurs! Our maple roasted coconut chips have only 4 ingredients: coconut, pure maple syrup, vanilla, and salt. They are great on top of a salad, ice cream, smoothies, chicken, or just straight out of the bag. You can be a key part of our business by following our journey. Share our story with others and follow us on Instagram! And don’t forget to try a bag of our delicious maple roasted coconut chips! :)


Healthy snacking is always a breeze with coconut-eez

- Noheami Kolarsky  &.  Perrin Strickler. 

Make healthy snacking a breeze.